Seeing this glacier from above was the last challenge of my expedition  witnessing  indications of climate change.  To get to our overlook destination we first landed on the Park shoreline known as Christina Ranch which was originally settled by the British MacMaster family in the  early 1900's to breed sheep.   All the passengers were then packed into crude 4x4 vehicles parked along  80 year old Lake William.

We formed a convoy of about 4 vehicles each loaded with 12 individuals.  Slowly we  wound,  lurched and crept up a steep, bumpy  dirt road.  Luckily there were subway like poles above to hang onto.

We were climbing up a granite mountainside which had been covered twenty thousand years before with glacial ice.   And 500 million years  before that,  it was a flat sea bed - still part of Gondwana -  before it tectonically was pushed into the mountain ranges and valleys of ice today.

Evidence of this geological phenomena were all around us under our feet in...fossils were embedded everywhere. 

In 15 minutes we all walked from the vehicles to the edge of the cliff. 

The harsh powerful winds of Patagonia finally greeted us with ferocity as we scrambled up the embankments, trying to get a secure  footing to take photographs.


We then turned back down, loaded into our trucks and headed to lunch at the Christina Ranch on William Lake...