UPSULA GLACIER - (first by water) on JANUARY 10

We left the hotel by 7:30 in the morning to catch an 8:30  boat heading north on Lake Argentino into the northern channel towards the Upsala Glacier. It, like Viedma and Perito Moreno flows from the Southern Patagonian Ice Field. Upsala used to be the largest glacier of the three we visited  but has lost enough in the last ten years to cede that position to Viedma.  It is known for its rapid retreat. This repeat image shows this history:


However, while this glacier is melting,  Perito Moreno has remained stable.The glaciers i visited don't all demonstrate consistent evidence of global warming. Climate science emphatically agrees that we are at a tipping point - but its complicated -  more research is needed in this part of the world.

We traveled up the lake,  passing though a narrow opening to the North Channel to view its icebergs and get close to the front. The only access this glacier is by boat....

We were on the water for over two hours slowly approaching the front of the glacier passing many incredible iceberg formations.

Through all my polar expeditions, wherever there are glaciers,  I am greeted with a complexity,  and variety of forms combining into magnificent compositions.

There are always different unique and magical images to capture.

After that ride we landed on shore to pile into crude 4x4 vehicles to mount a long  bumpy trail up to a look out on William Lake which just formed about 80 years ago.