As we headed back in our zodiacs towards the ship after that last landing, a humpback whale greeted us. We reamined watching it perform for us for some time.

Antarctica , often described as the ‘Last Continent’, is far from bleak and bare as I hope my images have shown -  but it is also thriving with life adapted to its extremities.  Aside from the huge Krill population, there were penguins, seabirds such as pintadoes, storm petrols, terns and wandering Albatross -  as well as many whales to see.  Throughout the voyage we gather on deck tom behold their majesty...

I remained on deck for my last impressions of Antarctica as we headed north through Dalman Bay past the Melchior islands.

By 6 PM we were out in open waters heading towards the Drake Passage once again. This was a different route from our start on December 28th where our goal was to include Elephant island. Here’s a map that might help: