It is Friday, August 15th and I am waiting in the airport to board a plane back home. So many images, and so many ideas for work swimming in my head, and so many visceral experiences on the ground hiking and from the air over all that ice. Much to process in the weeks and months to come.

All that exhausting activity (both emotionally and physically) was left behind as we spent the last four days enjoying the sophisticated city of Copenhagen. Instead of exploring granite and ice it was museums, neighborhoods and some fine restaurants.

I realize there is one more aspect I should mention about this expedition to Greenland. Aside from the outdoor experience of the glaciers by walking, sailing and flying - there was an added bonus: all the views from our rooms…and decks.

First at the Ice fjord Hotel we could watch the icebergs and track how fast they moved and grew in just a few days from sunshine to our last day of rain.


Our cabin at the Eqi: Lodge provided a ringside seat for a performance by Eqi Sermia

Yes indeed, much to process...