At around 2:30 we landed on the steep edge of the Eqi Lodge campsite where we were staying overnight- just 5 minutes across from the dramatic glacial front.

Soon after settling into a luxurious cabin facing the Glacier we embarked on a 4.5 hour round trip hike with a lovely guide named Karina Asmussen, to the moraine and up to the water fall. The hike the day before was good preparation.

We traversed many granite boulders and moss carpets of spongelike terrain scattered with tiny wild flowers, miniature juniper and an aromatic small pine like plant.

Karina explained that those same amazing patterned imprints I photographed on the slopes of Ilulissat that were before us here at Eqi, were from ancient glacial ice etched all along these sheared surfaces.

We got as far as passing the moraine and a wonderful glacial lake. The waterfall was in sight - we waited while Richard mounted a large group of boulders to make it up to the waterfall for a frontal view.

If we had continued to a higher ridge for a look back at the glacier and the ice cap we would have missed a very special dinner prepared by chef, Thomas Paulsen who used to work at NOMA. We were glad we turned back - it was the most delicious meal we had In Greenland. After such an emotionally and physically intense day we completed it with a special "Greenland Coffee" narrated by Karina.

The next day after breakfast we took in another hike up to the inland lake. What a delight to discover after our climb...

With that hike finished we prepared for lunch and the ride back to Ilulissat.