Some thoughts, before flying to Auckland on January 31...

Back in the 80’s, I got a postcard from Sarah McCoubrey who on her honeymoon wrote: “Burko this country is made for you - it has every possible landscape you can imagine.”

Ever since, I’ve dreamed of traveling to New Zealand. And now that it’s finally a reality  - Australia, Tasmania and Hawaii have been added to this upcoming adventure. 


The term Down Under is a colloquialism which refers to New Zealand and Australia -  both countries being below the equator. Already in 2012-13, and 2015, I got to almost 60 latitude below, when Richard and I sailed to the Antarctic Peninsula. This will be the next big adventure since my Polar Investigations project.

This adventure will provide the chance to revisit content I explored in the early 2000’s: volcanoes  (1999-2004) by spending time in Rotorura on North Island.  

and my still on going project on global wrming by visiting the fast melting glaciers on the South Island.

Climate change remains my passion. By broadening my reach for landscape experiences, I will bear witness to the shrinking Franz Josef and Fox glaciers in South Island, as well as dried up river beds in Australia. I also will be continuing my pubic engagement speaking to a range of audiences about how my practice addresses global warming and my personal journey.