Statement About Artist

Diane Burko focuses on monumental geological phenomenon. Since 2006 her practice has been at the intersection of Art and Science, devoted to the urgent issues of Climate Change. Her current work reflects expeditions to the three largest ice fields in the world. In 2013 she sailed around Svalbard with artists and also spent four days in Ny-Alesund with scientists from the Norwegian Polar Institute. In 2014, she returned north to Greenland's Ilulissat and Eqi Sermia glaciers. She first traveled to the Antarctic Peninsula in 2013 returning in January 2015. After exploring the Antarctic Peninsula, she flew from Ushuaia to El Calafate to discover the Patagonian ice field of Argentina.

Diane’s expeditions to the Polar Regions since 2013, including her most recent 2015 adventure in the Southern Patagonian ice field and Antarctica can be followed here: on her POLAR INVESTIGATIONS BLOG.

Diane’s ongoing study of polar landscapes – profoundly inform her work as she bears witness to the unprecedented ice melt on our planet. Aside from continually exhibiting, Burko has garnered the attention of the scientific community who invite her to speak on how the Arts can communicate Science. She is an affiliate of INSTAAR, having led a seminar at their headquarters and interacted with their research scientists in Boulder CO. She is invited to speak at various conferences such as the GSA (Geological Society of America) and AGU (American geophysical Union). Diane Burko is committed to public engagement where she makes herself available to multiple audiences in an effort to share her experience and knowledge on how global warming is impacting our planet. She uses both facts and images to make the invisible visual and visceral.